Lost all bookmarked blogs

In my post So much to read, I told you all that whenever I find a good or an interesting blog, I bookmark it so that I can read it later. Whenever I get the time I read those saved blogs. I had bookmarked many blogs to read later. They were more than 100 as I keep bookmarking blogs, but today, I lost all the bookmarked blogs which were saved in the WordPress app. What happened was that I was trying to find a way to make appear all my published posts in my blog feed as all my published posts were not showing up in my blog feed, so I logged out from the app and cleared all the cache of the WordPress app. When I logged in back, I found that all the bookmarked posts have disappeared. I am upset as I was so keen to read all those blogs. Why do I keep doing stupid things to annoy myself?

I do stupid things.

11 thoughts on “Lost all bookmarked blogs

  1. Sorry to hear about this- technology can be annoying some times. I hope you find a way to get the bookmarked posts back and if not I guess you can try to re-bookmark the ones you remember.

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  2. Oh no, that’s so sad to hear. Maybe you can just scroll through your reader again, maybe you’ll see some of the posts you bookmarked before.


  3. Oops! That’s rough. Not the fact that you lost what you bookmarked (well, that too), but the fact that you are getting annoyed by yourself. Hope things are well with you. Do take some time off and enjoy yourself. Seems like doing something you dislike has deprived you of inner peace, which is very sad. (Just read your post about work). Hope things get better soon. Prayers 🙏


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