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Many people have a misconception that blogging is easy, but blogging is not at all easy. It takes a lot of time and effort for blogging. Sometimes, even after putting your creativity, hard work, time, and effort into a blog, your blog doesn’t grow as you expected. There can be various reasons for it like content, timing of the post, search engine optimization (SEO) of your blog, etc. One of the reasons for it may be that you are not reading other blogs.

As writing is important, reading is also important if you want to grow your blog. Believe me, reading other blogs is the easiest way to grow your blog. How does reading help? Let me explain.

Many people think that reading is a waste of time, but reading is never a waste of time. Reading gives you new ideas which may help you in creating content for your blog. Reading helps in improving your writing. The more you read, the more it refines your writing as you come across different writing styles of bloggers and you get to know about how to present your content. Reading also improves your vocabulary as you come across new words. Reading also increases your knowledge about different things. Reading also refines your thoughts and views as you get to know about different views and perspectives of other people about different things.

As you expect others to read your blog, others also expect you to read their blogs. If you follow other blogs but you are not reading them then what’s the use of following them. Don’t follow blogs if you are not going to read them. Follow blogs of other bloggers only if you are interested in reading their posts. Be honest to yourself and others also.

Every blogger faces writer’s block at some point, but it happens to those bloggers more often who don’t read at all or read less.

Not only blogs, reading, in general, is always good. Reading books, magazines, newspapers, etc. helps you keep getting new ideas for your blog. This is why you should read more.

Read also.

10 thoughts on “Read also

  1. Very wisely conveyed! I hate those people who randomly follow you without having read any of your posts. You know they want to be followed back. That’s exactly why I don’t follow them back! Unless they have a super interesting blog.
    Reading widens our perspectives and gives us an insight into other people’s thoughts. You said that so well! 🙏💯

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