I am tired of this job

I am tired of this job. I don’t like it all. It is draining me. It is eating me day by day. To do something 8 and a half hour every day that you don’t like at all is so frustrating. My eyes keep hooked to the clock. I keep looking at the time. I take a day at work in two parts, before lunch, and after lunch. This way I console myself that now half-day has gone and now only half-day is remaining. I keep waiting for weekends and holidays. It happens when you don’t like your job. I am working even on holiday for the past one month. I don’t get time for myself. It feels like I come home just to sleep. Every day I feel like I am wasting my time, energy, and most importantly my life on something that I don’t like at all. I keep thinking ‘What am I doing?’.

Many people will say you are not grateful for having a job when many people have no job. I am grateful, but I am very disappointed about doing something which I don’t like at all. I want to do something which I like and enjoy.

When you do work that you don’t like and enjoy, you can’t succeed in it and it becomes a burden. When you do a job that you enjoy doing, it doesn’t feel like you are working because you like and enjoy it.

My biggest problem is that even I don’t know what I want to do. Sometimes, I think I should do this, and sometimes, I think I should do that. I am completely aimless and clueless. On top of that, I am not good at anything. I have no skills.

I want to do something in which I don’t have to work under someone. I want to do something that I enjoy as well as through which I can earn money, but to do that you need to be very skillful at something which I am not. If I have to work under someone, I want that at least the work should be something that I enjoy doing.

I am doing this job just for money because you need money to fulfill your needs. When you do work just for money you can’t grow in it. I keep thinking that how will I do this job when I don’t like it all.

Sometimes, despite you don’t like a job, you have to do that job because of financial problems or circumstances, but if you have the liberty, don’t settle for less, do only what you like and want to do.

Don’t do a job that you don’t like.

11 thoughts on “I am tired of this job

  1. Friend, I’m very sorry you’re going through this. I know exactly what this feels like. It’s through some magical serendipity that I read this post now. I was feeling the same just a few moments ago- that I’m not good at anything. I was watching world champions playing tennis on YouTube and I was telling myself “You dropped everything half-way, didn’t you”. I was wondering how a person like me with absolutely no skills can exist. I’m sure we all have something powerful within ourselves that we’ll figure out sometime, even if not immediately. By the way, you’re an amazing writer and you have that to your credit 😉 Hope you find a job you enjoy more. And Ofcourse, hope it pays you well too. Best wishes. Stay blessed 🙏

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