Real patriotism

Freedom is one of the biggest things in life. It has not come easily. Soldiers, freedom fighters, and many people sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country so that we can live freely. This is why you should never take freedom for granted.

To have the freedom to live your life is priceless. If you have everything in life but you have no freedom, then you can’t enjoy those things. It’s feel like a bird caged in a cage.

There are many countries in the world where people are bound to live under a dictatorship or authoritarian government. They have no freedom. They are bound to live like slaves, so if you live in a democracy where you have the freedom to live your life in your way, you should be grateful for that.

Unfortunately, many people take freedom for granted in India. They don’t understand the sacrifice and struggle behind the freedom of India. Governments have become authoritarian. They want to control the freedom of people. Nationalism has turned into bigotry. It has become a trend to demean particular religions and caste to show superiority of other religions or caste. People have become corrupt and selfish.

Patriotism doesn’t mean just standing up on the national anthem or song, it’s more than this symbolism. Let me tell you what is real patriotism.

Do your work honestly

Some people are corrupt. They take bribes. They cheat people. They never leave a chance of taking advantage of other people’s helplessness. They don’t do their work honestly.
You don’t have to fight on the border to show your patriotism, just do your work honestly, it is the biggest patriotism.

Help the needy and oppressed people

Many people need your support and help. Help the needy and oppressed people. You can help them with money. You can help them by teaching them something to run their livelihood and make them independent. You can teach underprivileged children. You can aware ignorant people by making them aware of their rights. You can be the voice of oppressed people. Be a helping hand for someone.

Treat everyone equally

People are discriminated against based on their religion, caste, color, gender, language, place, etc. Treat everyone equally. Everyone has an equal right to live their lives and do things they want to do. We can coexist without discriminating and demeaning others.

Stand for truth, justice, and rights

Many people follow a government, political party, leader, or ideology blindly.  Don’t follow anyone or anything blindly. Don’t be a bigot. Takes a stand for truth, justice, and rights. Take a stand for needy, oppressed, and underprivileged people. Take a stand for people’s rights. True patriotism is to think about the betterment of the country and its people.

Obey rules and laws

You should obey the rules and laws of the country. It is also one way to show your patriotism. If the rules and laws are made by the government against people and suppress people’s voices, then you have every right to protest against them and stand for justice.

Do your bit

Government can’t do everything. People should also contribute. You don’t have to do big things. Even small things bring a big change. Save water, save electricity, protect the environment by planting trees and plants, and reusing things. Don’t litter, and keep cleanliness around you. Many people ruin and damage public property. They think why should they care because it’s not made with their money, but they don’t know that every public property and resource is made with the help of taxes paid by people of the country. Even the poor pay indirect taxes on the purchase of things and services. Take care of the public property like you take care of your home. These things may seem small but bring a big change.

Children should be taught about the sacrifice of soldiers, freedom fighters, and other people who fight for the freedom of the country so that they can understand that freedom hasn’t come so easily and what is real patriotism is. Only then they can understand the value of freedom.

Happy independence day to you all.

Freedom is priceless. Value it.

16 thoughts on “Real patriotism

  1. Brilliant post! Wonderful points conveyed through another great post. We may have attained independence from the British, but weβ€˜re yet to attain actual independence from corruption and oppression. I like how you said that nationalism has turned into bigotry. You conveyed a beautiful message that we can all do our bit to the country by doing our best in what we do. Well done! πŸ‘πŸ˜€


  2. Very good blog, sometimes some people take freedom as granted but actually we have to understand the value of freedom and have to do the right thing to know the actual meaning of independence. Well written πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸŒΉ


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