My favorite color

Colors make the world colorful and beautiful. Without colors, the world would have been dull.

Everyone has a favorite color. Everyone likes a different color. It depends on their liking. Some like dark colors. Some like light colors.

My favorite color is Grey. I don’t know why I love Grey so much. Maybe it’s because it’s not too dark and not too light either. It falls between dark and light. Life is like this, isn’t it?

I love Grey color shirt. I love homes painted with Grey color.

The other three colors I like are sky blue, red and black.

I don’t like gaudy and shiny colors like golden, silver, velvet, etc. because they are too flashy and hit in the eyes.

It’s not that I don’t like dark colors. I do like dark colors too, but if used in a limited way. I am more inclined towards light colors because they are soothing for the eyes and mind.

I love Grey.

7 thoughts on “My favorite color

  1. Interesting! Our favourite colour can be used to determine some personality traits. I associate grey-lovers with introversion and think of them as loners, which you definitely are as you revealed in a recent post. I also see grey-lovers as hiding something secretive and sometimes a tad bit… depressed. Probably explains why our favourite colour keeps changing. When I’m all bright and cheerful, I love blue (a brighter shade of it). When I’m dull and down, I like dirty white. Blue is a constant though.
    Nice to know a bit more about you..


  2. I think your favourite colour says a lot about you. I understand why you like grey- it’s a very neutral and calming colour. My favourite colours are blue and purple- I usually can’t choose between them.

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  3. Thats great to know about you.. there was a me who used to have favourite color like sky blue and all.. but now, it seems I changed a lot as i love all colors or i am no longer inclined to a particular color..


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