What I am listening today

A few days back, when I was switching channels on TV, I came across this song. I am glad, I came to know about this song otherwise I would have missed such a gem.

Today, I am listening to the Punjabi song ‘Chal Jindiye’ by Amrinder Gill. I just loved it and listening to it on loop. What a beautiful and soulful song it is. It is peace for the soul. It is beautifully sung by Amrinder Gill and its beautiful and soulful lyrics have been written by Bir Singh. Music by Dr. Zeus is also beautiful and soothing. Its video has English subtitles if you aren’t able to understand its lyrics.

I didn’t find a negative comment about this song on YouTube. It rarely happens a song doesn’t get negative comments. The best thing is that the creators started the description of this video by line ‘Farmers Feed Nation’. If you don’t know, farmers in various places in India have been protesting against anti-farmer farm bills for over 1 year. We must be thankful to farmers for the food on our plates. We should support farmers, this is the least we can do.

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