My birthday

Birthdays are very special days for everyone. People celebrate their birthday by cutting a cake and partying with family and friends.

Some people are very lucky. They are the favorite of everyone. People remember their birthday, wish them and celebrate their birthday.

Birthday is like every other day for me. Very few people wish me on my birthday. I can count them on fingers of one hand. Sometimes, no one wishes on my birthday.

My parents don’t remember when my birthday comes. My parents don’t remember my sister’s birthday too, but they wish her when she reminds them about her birthday. I don’t do that.

My parents never asked about my birthday and they don’t bother about it either. They always remain busy in their fights, so I too don’t expect from them.

Many people remind others about their birthday directly by telling them that their birthday is today or tomorrow or next month or on a particular date while some people remind others about their birthday in an indirect way by hinting about their birthday in their talks. I don’t do both.

I don’t like reminding people about my birthday. It feels like I am asking others to wish me on my birthday’. I don’t tell anyone about my birthday, unless someone asks me about my birthday.

I never celebrated my birthday in my life. As an introvert, I don’t like to be the center of attraction. I don’t want that people’s whole attention is on me.

I don’t go to work on my birthday because I don’t want to work on my birthday. So, I take a day off from work on my birthday. I refrain from indulging in any argument or fight with anyone on my birthday as it ruins my mood as well as the whole day. I want to spend my birthday in peace. I spend it doing my favorite things like listening to music and watching TV.

It feels good if someone remembers your birthday and wishes you on your birthday. I don’t like when people wish you a birthday in advance. It feels like they doubt that they may forget your birthday so they wish you in advance. I also don’t like belated birthday wishes. What’s the point in wishing someone a birthday when his or her birthday has already passed.

In my opinion, if you really want to wish someone a birthday, you always remember his or her birthday.

People who are very close and dear to me, I always remember their birthday.

I celebrate my birthday with myself.

15 thoughts on “My birthday

  1. From this year on, you’ll have this fellow blogger to remember your birthday and I’ll be your earliest wish every year.
    Wishing you happpiest birthday, brother! May you have a fulfilling, adventurous, enriching year ahead! May you be blessed and happy in the days to come. Hope you had a very lovely birthday! 🎂🎂

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  2. I loved this , “I don’t go to work on my birthday because I don’t want to work on my birthday”…
    Even I’m also not a birthday person.. never used to celebrate…


  3. Actually birthday is very special day for all of us but it may not be so special to others. But you make your birthday special to spend time with yourself that is appreciating. Well written 👌🌹❣️


  4. Hey,I too love October month as it’s my birthday month also. Moreover, the weather is nice and the festive season is also at this time so there are many reasons to celebrate. Tell me if I am wrong.😃😊


  5. From next time I will surely remember your birthday.
    And good to know that you are also September born buddy. Wish you for all your happiness, success and prosperity in your life. Belated Happy Birthday 🎉🎊


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