Some things are not meant for you

Some things are not meant for you. No matter how much you try for them, no matter how badly you want them, you don’t get them. You can call it whatever, fate, destiny, or karma. You can achieve things that you can achieve with hard work and effort because it is in your hand to … More Some things are not meant for you

What I am listening today

Today, I am listening to ‘Waqt ki baatein’ by Dream Note. It is beautifully sung and written by Gaurav Tiwari. Its lyrics are also beautiful. I love it because it’s so relatable to me. I loved it the very first time I listened to it. It’s a beautiful song. The last stanza is so heartbreaking.

I love October

I love October. It is because it is my birthday month. I don’t celebrate my birthday but it feels good in October. The festive season also begins in October. So, sometimes Diwali or Dussehra also falls on my birthday. Usually, homes are cleaned and painted before Diwali, so all looks clean and tidy and it … More I love October