What is this feeling?

What is this feeling?

Alive but not living, just breathing in and breathing out.

I remain lost in my thoughts. I keep wandering in the past. I am physically present here, but mentally somewhere else.

Sadness has made a permanent home in me.

I don’t want to get up. I want to just keep lying down in my bed and do nothing. I keep looking at the ceiling and thinking about life. I have lost interest in everything. Nothing interests me now. I want to sleep, but I can’t sleep. Nights pass in tossing and turning and thinking about my life and what went wrong.

There are so many questions in my head but there are no answers.

Life has become monotonous. Every day feels the same. Feels tired even without doing anything. There is no enthusiasm about life. There is no aim in life. There is no motivation in life. There are no more desires in life. I have become hopeless.

Years are passing and I am still standing at the same place. Seems like everyone has surpassed me and I am left behind.

Seems like life has slipped out of the hands. Seems like everything has ended for me.

I need someone or something to hang on to. I can’t continue like this.

I feel lost.

Tell me, what is this feeling?

11 thoughts on “What is this feeling?

  1. This feeling is depression. Very clearly so. Everything points perfectly to depression. I wish I could help you, but no one can other than a mental health professional. Do seek help, my friend. A Therapist or a professional are the only ones who can help you. I have felt this before and I know it so well! (I am even feeling it now) Another friend will be yoga and meditation.
    I hope you feel alright soon. I know how bad this is. I’ve been there (and in a way, still there).

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  2. This feeling is depression. When we found ourself alone and hopeless. I can relate with this.😔.
    Hope so it’s just a post. You are not going through all these things. Because I know it’s really difficult to handle this situation and things become worst when no one is there to understand and support you.


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