Home alone

Have you ever stayed home alone? Completely alone. No one at home, just you. You can do whatever you want to do. No one is there to dictate you. No one is there to scold you. No one is there to stop you from doing anything.

I have been home alone many times. As a loner, I never felt the need of people in my life. I never felt bored just because I am alone. I engage myself in something. When I am home alone, I mostly listen to music. Music is an escape for me. Other than music, I scroll on my phone or watch TV. These are the things I do when I am home alone.

I have stayed home alone many times, but not for more than 2-3 days. I used to like being home alone, but now it is a different feeling. I never used to miss my parents, but now when I am home alone, I feel a void. I wonder, what has changed? Am I changed?

One thing I have realized is that maybe I can live alone for some time, but not for too long.

Home alone is a different feeling.

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