Worst or best year?

Every year I hope that this year might be good for me, but every year ends up in disappointment. I don’t know how to describe this year. At the very beginning of this year, something worst happened to me. I had a terrible fight at the workplace. I was new at the workplace. As it … More Worst or best year?

Being ignored

Have you experienced the feeling of being ignored? When you are ignored by your family, relatives, colleagues, friends, or the person whom you love. It hurts the most when you are ignored by your family, close friends, and the person whom you love. I know how it feels when you are ignored and cornered. I … More Being ignored

Easy money

Easy money is that money that comes easily often obtained in an illegal, unethical, or immoral way. It is often obtained by dishonest and unfair means. Nowadays, many people especially the youth want to earn money as soon as possible in any way. They are even ready to fall to any level for making money. … More Easy money

Choose your heroes wisely

Heroes or idols are those people whom someone love, admire and respect. Some follow actors. Some follow singers. Some follow players. Some follow other celebrities. Some follow politicians. But, have you ever thought, do they deserve to be considered heroes or idols? Are they worth following? Many people follow celebrities and politicians blindly without thinking … More Choose your heroes wisely

Obsession of camera

The camera is used to capture beautiful moments of life in the form of photos and videos so that we can relive those moments and memories in the future. But, nowadays people are so obsessed with cameras that they are more interested in taking photos and making videos rather than living and enjoying those moments. … More Obsession of camera

She called

She called yesterday. It has been exactly 6 months since we last met when she said no. I was going out of town for official work. I was traveling by bus. I had my earphones plugged in and was lost in the music. Suddenly, I looked at the phone, I saw a missed call on … More She called