Obsession of camera

The camera is used to capture beautiful moments of life in the form of photos and videos so that we can relive those moments and memories in the future.

But, nowadays people are so obsessed with cameras that they are more interested in taking photos and making videos rather than living and enjoying those moments. They have become so obsessed with cameras that they don’t care about time and place also. Even in religious places, people don’t stop taking photos and making videos. It seems like they are at a picnic spot rather than a religious place. It has become all about themselves, the whole purpose of visiting a religious place gets lost in it. Some senseless people don’t hesitate to take photos or make videos even on the death of someone. People have become insensitive. They don’t care how their behavior will hurt others.

Nowadays people take photos and make videos for seeking attention on social media. They fill their phones with their own selfies. People have become obsessed with themselves too. They don’t spare even food. Rather than eating food, they are more interested in posting photos of what they are eating. Everything has become all about getting likes and followers. People have become attention seekers.

In the past, when the camera was not so common, photos and videos used to have importance, but with the arrival of cameras in phones, the camera has become more accessible to everyone. But, with camera phones, the importance of photos and videos has been lost. Now, people fill their phones with numerous photos and videos, but forget to live those moments. Sometimes, they can’t even remember what was the occasion when they took certain photos and made videos.

The one bad thing about the camera is that when you face the camera, you start behaving in a way to be liked by others, and in all that, your natural expressions and behavior get lost. The camera makes you behave artificially. Live your life for yourself, not for the camera.

I am not against taking photos and making videos, I also take photos and make videos, but I am not obsessed with cameras the way most people are obsessed nowadays. I do take photos, but very few. I take photos and make videos for my memories, not for posting on social media. I believe in living and enjoying moments rather than losing those moments in taking photos and making videos.

There is nothing bad in capturing moments, but you should focus more on living and enjoying moments rather than filling your phone with photos and videos.

Live and enjoy the moments.

4 thoughts on “Obsession of camera

  1. I agree with you. I’m someone who loves photography and I have kept my photos original. I just hate when people behave/ change for the sake of social media. Pictures have meaning!!! Photos are for memories .


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