Choose your heroes wisely

Heroes or idols are those people whom someone love, admire and respect. Some follow actors. Some follow singers. Some follow players. Some follow other celebrities. Some follow politicians. But, have you ever thought, do they deserve to be considered heroes or idols? Are they worth following?

Many people follow celebrities and politicians blindly without thinking about right and wrong. Some follow these celebrities and politicians even if they are morally and ethically doing wrong. Some people follow some celebrities just because they are good-looking. Such stupid people don’t think whether whom they are following is a good person or not. They just start following them blindly because of their looks.

Many celebrities and politicians whom people follow are big hypocrites. They say something and do something else. They can’t be trusted at all. Many celebrities endorse products that are harmful to health. Many celebrities endorse products that they never use themselves but encourage other people to use them. Many celebrities talk big, but they don’t follow their own words. On the other hand, politicians make big promises before elections, but after winning elections they forget people. They divide people to rule. Can such celebrities and politicians be considered heroes or idols? Not at all.

It need not be necessary that your heroes or idols should be famous personalities. It can be anyone, your parents or any other in the family, your teacher, people around you who are helping others and doing something good for the country and society, etc.

Never follow anyone blindly. Choose your heroes wisely.

Never follow anyone blindly.

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