What I am listening today

Today, I am listening to a Punjabi song ‘Kya Baat Aa’ by Karan Aujla. It’s a very good song. My favorite part is the humming between the second and third stanza when the girl walks on the sidewalk.

2 thoughts on “What I am listening today

    1. No, I am not a Punjabi. I don’t know about South India, but Punjabi songs are very popular and common in North India. Nowadays, Bollywood songs are rarely good. Even Bollywood copies, remake Punjabi songs as they are very popular. I don’t understand Punjabi very much, but as I listen to Punjabi songs a lot, so I can understand a small bit of Punjabi. As they say, music has no language barrier. Music is a universal language so do emotions and feelings are.


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