Worst or best year?

Every year I hope that this year might be good for me, but every year ends up in disappointment.

I don’t know how to describe this year. At the very beginning of this year, something worst happened to me. I had a terrible fight at the workplace. I was new at the workplace. As it usually happens, some people get insecure when someone new comes in. It also happened to me. They tried to corner me. They insulted and demeaned me. When I complained about them, instead of accepting their fault, they complained against me. All this affected me badly.

This job drained me this year. Sometimes, I had to work even on weekends and holidays. This job drained all my time and energy.

In May, I got infected with Covid. I lost taste, had a severe cough, got weak, my blood platelets got down, and my lungs got infected. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t feared of it because I knew it was completely curable if treatment starts in time. Covid didn’t affect me as much as monotonous routine life did. All I used to do was to eat, lie in bed or sleep all day. When awake, I would scroll through my phone or watch TV. I couldn’t go out. I couldn’t meet my friends. I got tired of the monotony of life.

The best thing that happened to me this year or should I say in my life is that I met her. She came as hope in my hopeless life. After a long time, I was so happy. She is the nicest girl I have ever met in my life. I wonder how someone can be so good. Maybe this is the reason I fell for her.

I hated marriage all my life because of the fights I have seen between my parents, but after seeing her I knew that she is the one whom I can marry. After a lot of thinking and hesitation, I asked her for marrying me, but she said no. It was heartbreaking. Everything I want in life, I don’t get it.

She is one of the best things that happened to me in my life. I wish she could stay.

Was it the worst or best year?

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