Night struggle

The night is the time for our body and mind to get rest. The night is the time you lie in your bed to get rid of all the tiredness of the day. The night is the time when you sleep to forget all the bad things that happened in the day.

Peaceful sleep is a blessing. If you sleep peacefully, you are very lucky, but everyone is not so lucky. I am one of those people who struggle to sleep at night.

Sleep has never been my friend. I have grown up in such an environment where there is no peace. When you have no peace of mind, how can you sleep? The environment of this home has ruined my sleep and life.

I want to sleep, but can’t sleep. When the world sleeps, I keep waiting for sleep. Sometimes, half of the night passes in waiting for sleep. I keep tossing and turning all night. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night and have to struggle to sleep again. Sometimes I can’t sleep again even till morning. It happens very rarely that I sleep peacefully the whole night. Struggling to sleep at night seems like a curse.

I can’t sleep in the noise. I need silence to sleep.

People who can sleep peacefully can’t understand the value of sleep. Only those who can’t sleep can understand the value of sleep.

I want to sleep but can’t sleep.

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