3 years of blogging

Today, it has been 3 years of blogging. I never thought I would be able to continue it for such a long time and it would have 800 followers and over 15,000 views. I started blogging to vent out my feelings and thoughts that were occupying my mind and bothering me.

In 3 years, a lot of things have changed. The bloggers whom I know are no more active or rarely blog now, so it feels strange here now.

The second thing that I observed is that many new bloggers are not passionate about blogging and have no reading habit. For them, blogging is an attention-seeking medium like social media.

The thing that has changed in me is that now I blog not often as I used to in the very first year. Maybe it is because, now I don’t get the time due to my job. I get time only on weekends. On weekends also, I don’t blog often as I want to relax and do my things. The other reason for not blogging on weekends as it takes me time to write and I don’t want to spend my weekend writing blogs. Now, I read more rather than write. One reason for not blogging often is my laziness also. I have many things to say, but due to my laziness, I don’t blog often now.

I have found many amazing blogs and bloggers on WordPress. I got the chance of reading superb content on WordPress.

Blogging has refined my thinking. It has helped me evolve as a better person.

I want to thank WordPress for providing such a platform where one can express one’s feelings and thoughts. I also want to thank all the followers who follow my blog and all the people who read my content.

Thanks to all.

21 thoughts on “3 years of blogging

  1. wow! Congratulations, Manoj. This is huge. I understand what you mean, I was also away for a long time and once life takes over it is indeed to find the same determination to blog. But it is surely a delight to have a familiar face over here. I hope you remain active for many years to come.


  2. Congratulations! Three years is indeed a long time, and I know what you want to say by writing this. Quite relatable…
    May you continue for a lot many years to come!!
    Best wishes💐🙏


  3. Congratulations Manoj!

    Finding a balance is important. As you’ve mentioned in your post, it’s true that one cannot be consumed by blogging or be deeply addicted to it. My reading regime did go for a toss as I was reading posts on wordpress to connect with fellow bloggers. This meant that I had to cut down time from my daily reading habit and carve out time for the blogging community. I’m still trying to find the balance but I’m sure I’ll get there.

    Best wishes


  4. Congratulations! You’ve come so far. I’m glad this platform gave you a chance to express so much. Your thoughts are truly very interesting to read and think about.
    How you doing , btw? I rarely use this platform these days so I hardly get the chance to check in with my friends. Hope life’s treating you good!


      1. I started back in December 2020, deleted my site after 1100+ followers. And now I’m back —

        more kind of a reader. But I’m planning tell my own current daily life story, under the name “A Morning In The Sastyapura (my locality)”.


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