WordPress community

WordPress is the best platform for bloggers and the WordPress community is the best community that anyone can find on the internet.

In the era of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., there are many platforms where you can express your feelings and thoughts, but these platforms have become a place for hatred, trolling, bullying, threatening, body shaming, and vulgarity. You can’t freely express your feelings and thoughts on these platforms. When you do so, people start trolling, bullying, threatening, or body shaming you. You can’t be vulnerable on these platforms. On these platforms, people try to demean you and make you feel inferior about yourself. You go to these platforms to express your feelings and thoughts, but mostly you end up feeling inferior to others and losing your peace of mind. This is why I don’t like these platforms.

WordPress is an exception here. WordPress community is mostly very nice and supportive. Here you can express your feelings and thoughts freely. Here you can rant about your life. Here you can be vulnerable.

It’s not necessary that people may agree with everything you say. On WordPress also, people disagree with you and show their disagreement, but in a polite manner, unlike social media. This is why I like WordPress rather than social media.

WordPress community is very nice and supportive. You won’t find such a community anywhere on the internet. The reason for it may be that bloggers and writers are often open-minded, inclusive, understanding, sympathetic, kind, introverted, and broken people who have gone through a lot in their lives, therefore they understand the feelings, and views of others.

On WordPress, you can vent out your feelings and thoughts, share your life, share your work and creativity, show your talent, and even rant about your life through your blog. People on WordPress appreciate your work, support you, listen to you, console you, sympathize with you, and give you hope.

I hope that the WordPress community will continue to be supportive, understanding, sympathetic, and kind.

WordPress community is best.

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