War is a heinous crime against humanity. It is not a solution to any conflicts between nations. Any conflict should be resolved through talks, not war. War destroys nations and the lives of their innocent people.

People never want war. People want to live in peace, but some countries and politicians use war for their vested interests. They use war for political, diplomatic, and financial benefits. They use war to rule and show their power, to destroy or suppress people of a particular region, religion, or race, to expand the territory, to capture the wealth and natural resources of a country, etc.

It is innocent people and soldiers who pay the biggest price of war. People die, lose their families and dear ones, become homeless, lose their belongings, lose their livelihood, are bound to live in pathetic conditions after war, etc. On the other hand, soldiers sacrifice their lives for their nations. They just follow the orders of their nations and sacrifice their lives without thinking twice.

Just one bullet is enough to ruin a person’s life forever.

People spend their whole lives building a home, but just one bomb makes them homeless. They spend their hard-earned money and savings to buy and make things, but just one bomb leaves them empty-handed.

It’s hard to live a life in a war zone when fighter planes are shelling bombs and launching missiles, bullets are flying around, there is flesh and blood everywhere, and hard to find water, food, and basic things for survival. In many countries, people are bound to live in such conditions. It’s very hard to survive in such conditions. You don’t know what will happen the next second. You don’t know, will you be alive or dead the next second? There remains a complete uncertainty about life.

No one wants to live in such conditions, but sometimes people have no place to go. Many countries shut their door for them when people need a safe place. They don’t have any option other than living in a war zone.

War takes a country ages back. It does irreparable damage to a nation and its people. Physical things may be built or earned again, but the damage that war does to a person’s life can’t be undone.

Stand and fight for peace regardless of anything.

No one wins in a war.

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