Saturation point

I have reached a saturation point. Seems like all my desires have died. Nothing interests me. Nothing excites me. I want to do nothing.

I keep thinking about my life all the time. I keep thinking about the decisions I made. I keep thinking about what went wrong. Sometimes, I just want to run far away from this world.

I keep wandering in the past. I don’t know what to do with the present. The future seems destroyed. Seems like life has ended for me.

I have reached a saturation point.

4 thoughts on “Saturation point

  1. Trust me u haven’t…it seems like we have hit the rock bottom but it gets worse…but the good thing is now you have nothing to you can restart as someone who is fearless, experienced and has strength that’s not easy to match. Congrats on your new beginning 🤗


  2. Sometimes it feels like we have reached rock bottom but it’s never the end. We have to try to live in the present and hope for the best for the future.


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