Left unsaid

This day, last year, you just broke my heart when you said no to my proposal.

There are many things I wanted to say to you, but left unsaid because I was so nervous that I couldn’t say them. Some feelings can’t be expressed in words, but I can’t keep them inside either.

Being an introvert, I don’t talk too much and get along with everyone so easily. It happens very rarely that I get along with someone so easily, but with you, it happened so quickly and naturally.  I liked your vibe. I felt a connection with you. In a few days only, I realized that I started liking you.

In all these recent years, I haven’t talked so much to anyone as I talked to you. It is always soothing to talk to you. I used to wait for your call. I miss those days when we used to talk for hours.

You came as hope in my hopeless life. I used to wait eagerly to meet you. I used to wait to see your face. Just your presence used to make me happy. You used to care for me so much and I loved it. With you, I was so happy and felt alive. Those are one of the best days of my life.

Since childhood, I hated marriage as I have grown up in such a toxic environment where I have seen my parents fighting with each other almost every day. But, after seeing you, I thought about marrying you because I knew that I would not get a girl like you again and I didn’t want to lose you.

There were many times, I tried to tell you about my feelings for you, but couldn’t gather the courage to do it.

I was in dilemma about whether I should confess my love or not. I feared that you may not talk to me again or we may not have the same relationship if I confess my love. After thinking a lot, finally, I decided to confess my love as I didn’t want to regret it my whole life.

After gathering courage, finally, I confessed my love, but you outrightly said no. It broke my heart and shattered all my hopes. Certainly, you may have your reasons for saying no, but I wish that you have said yes.

It happens so often in my pathetic life. Nothing good stays for long in my life. Everything I want in life, I just don’t get it.

Since you have left, not a single day has gone by when I haven’t missed you. I wonder whether you miss me as I do. Maybe you have moved on and have forgotten me, but I haven’t forgotten you at all and will not. I am not able to think beyond you. I keep thinking about you all the time.

The thing that hurt me the most is being ignored by you. Don’t treat me like a stranger. We can at least be friends.

You left a void in me that is impossible to fill. I don’t think that I will have the same feeling again for anyone else as I have for you. I don’t want to be left heartbroken again.

My love for you will remain the same. I have no ill-feeling for you and will never be for your saying no to me because when you truly love someone, you can’t think ill of his or her. May you get all that you want in your life. My best wishes are always with you.

One year has passed, but it feels like yesterday, I met you. I am still living those days and moments that I shared with you.

You are the nicest girl I have ever met in my life. You are a lovely person with a good heart and a kind soul. You will remain my favorite person. You are one of the best things that happened to me in my life. I am glad that I met you. I wish I could make you understand what you mean to me.

Some things are not meant for you.

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