Thank you KK

Krishnakumar Kunnath, popularly known as KK is no more. I can’t believe it. KK is one of my favorite singers. There are so many childhood memories attached to his songs. With his death, an era has ended especially for people like me who have grown up listening to his songs.

KK was a great singer. He had a beautiful and soulful voice. He was a versatile singer who have sung every type of song. The way he has sung songs, you can feel the emotions of the song. My favorite songs of KK are Pyaar ke pal, Yaaron, Ye kaha mil gaye hum, Haan tu hai, Maine dil se kaha, Alvida, Dil kyu yeh mera, Zindagi do pal ki, Sach keh raha hai, and Awaarapan banjarapan.

One thing that always bothered me was that KK didn’t get that much appreciation and work that he deserved. He truly deserved more appreciation and work when he was alive.

I always believe artists have a God gift of living through their art even after their death. KK will live forever through his songs.

Rest in peace KK.

Thank you KK for enriching our lives with your beautiful voice and songs.

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