I messed up

I messed up. I messed up relationships. I messed up my career. I messed up life. I messed up everything.

I could have done some things better, but due to some bad decisions, immaturity, lack of interest, procrastination, and laziness, I failed to do so and I own it.

But, some things were not in my control. I have grown up in a toxic environment that made me reserved, anti-social, and short-tempered. All this affected me in a big way. It affected my physical and mental health. I lost my peace of mind. I lost my focus. I lost my will. I lost interest in everything.

I know, I disappointed many people, but I am disappointed with myself too. It’s hard to live life with the regret of messing up things, but there is no option of going back and correcting things.

Some things were not in my hands, but I admit I could do some things better, but I just messed up.

I messed up.


18 thoughts on “I messed up

  1. It’s totally OK if u messed up and you even accepted this. By messing up only you will grow more just remember this.
    A message from a totally messed up girl but believe me it’s good to mess up🤝


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