People all around the world follow different religions. They worship and follow different Gods and practice different beliefs. It’s an individual choice to follow what religion he or she wants to follow. No one shouldn’t be forced to follow a particular religion. No one shouldn’t be insulted or made feel inferior for following a particular religion. We should respect other religions.

Unfortunately, religion is being used by governments of different countries, politicians, and individuals for their vested interests. They use religion to divide people for gaining their votes and to remain in power. They use religion to spread hatred and make people fight against each other for their benefit. They use religion to divert people’s attention from real issues so that they don’t raise voices against them and their policies.

People turn blind in the name of religion and do horrible things. Sometimes, they don’t even hesitate to take the lives of others. Surprisingly, even educated people turn bigots in the name of religion.

It’s high time that people must understand that governments, politicians, and some individuals are using religion for their vested interests and for diverting their attention from real issues. Use your brain, don’t fall into this trap.

Religion teaches us to be kind and help others. It teaches us to spread love and happiness. It teaches us to be honest and truthful. It teaches us to treat everyone equally and respect each other. It teaches humanity.

We all can coexist without putting down other religions, can’t we?

We all can coexist.

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