Peace of mind

At this stage of life, my priority is peace of mind. I don’t want anyone to mess with my peace of mind.

If someone says something bad to me or behave rudely to me, it affects me badly. It ruins my entire day. Many times, I keep thinking about it for many days and it affects my peace of mind and I don’t able to concentrate on anything else.

I am a kind of person who lives in his own world. I don’t interfere in anyone’s life. I don’t have a habit of trash talking and gossiping about others. I treat everyone respectfully. If I don’t like someone, I distance myself from them as I don’t want to get into unnecessary arguments and fights. But, some people have a tendency of interfering in other’s lives, saying mean things and gossiping about others. It affects you more when people whom you know do such things. Such people pretends to be your friend or well wisher, but actually they don’t leave any occassion to demean you. They use jokes and humor as a tool for insulting and demeaning you. Such people try to pretend that they concern about you, but actually they don’t care about you at all. There is a difference between real concern and sham concern and I know it.

Usually, I ignore such people and don’t respond to them. I try to ignore them for the sake of my peace of mind. But, sometimes, your silence is mistaken as your weakness by such people and they start ill treating you more. Don’t let anyone do that with you. Never compromise with your self respect. I tolerate to a certain limit, but after that, I don’t tolerate at all. Sometimes, you have to speak up and confront people to let them know that you won’t tolerate such behavior.

Peace of mind is very important to me in life and I won’t let anyone to mess with my peace of mind.

Don't let anyone mess with your peace of mind.

12 thoughts on “Peace of mind

  1. Peace of mind is important. I have had some run-ins with the kind of people you mentioned and yes I think it’s best to ignore them but to also set boundaries and know when to speak up for yourself.


  2. Yes.. ultimately that’s what we all need, “peace of mind “
    We dont have to compromise anything for peace of mind..
    Well it is equally important not to run on an auto pilot mode.. i mean, not to victims of our own own mental brilliancy.


  3. I hope you manage to keep such people at a distance, as much as possible. I have encountered such vile natured humans too. We all do. There is also a limit to which we can ignore but it does end up affecting our mind. Best is to not interacting at all and if you have to and if they end up hurting you, give them their own pill to swallow. Give it back.


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