Blogging is tough

Blogging is tough. It is completely different than social media. It’s not easy to create your identity in the blogging space, unlike social media. There’s a huge competition in blogging. Millions of blogs already exist and creating your identity among these blogs is a tough task. In the blogging space, people are very selective. They … More Blogging is tough

What I am listening today

Today, I am listening to ‘Deewana’ by Akhil. It’s a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics written by Maninder Kailey. The whole lyrics are beautiful, but when Akhil sings the following lines, it touched my heart. Na Tere Jeha Hor MilnaAivein Ni Deewana Tera Main, Main

Dreams I see

Dreams are difficult to understand. It feels like sometimes dreams are trying to tell us something. When you overthink about something, many times it comes into your dream. It happens to me a lot. I often see people or things in my dreams about which I think a lot. Sometimes, dreams seem connected. One dream … More Dreams I see


In my home, the terrace has a special place in my heart. I usually go to the terrace in the evening. In the place where I live, very few people come to their terrace so the environment around usually remains peaceful. It feels so good to walk alone lost in my thoughts and listening to … More Terrace