Dreams I see

Dreams are difficult to understand. It feels like sometimes dreams are trying to tell us something.

When you overthink about something, many times it comes into your dream. It happens to me a lot. I often see people or things in my dreams about which I think a lot.

Sometimes, dreams seem connected. One dream seems like part of another dream.

Sometimes, some things that happen in real life seem like I have already seen them happening in my dream. It feels like deja vu.

There are two dreams that I often see. The first dream that I have seen many times is people chasing me and I am running and hiding from them. I don’t know why I see this dream often.

The second dream that I often see is falling from a height. When I fall in the dream, I can feel it. It feels like I have fallen from a height in reality. I fear heights in real life too.

Dreams have their own stories.

Dreams are difficult to understand.


8 thoughts on “Dreams I see

  1. I strongly believe dreams are related to our subconscious/unconscious and they reflect what is happening in our mind. I have dreams of falling too. It’s a common dream. From what I have learnt it means you are under some form of stress.

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  2. You are right. Sometimes I have really wired dream which I never wanted to be real. Ones I dream that I’m lost and can’t find my parents anywhere. I’m crying and didn’t understand what is happening with me.
    The another dream is when my exams was near and I dream that I didn’t finish my exam on time and my teacher takes my sheet and I was unable to complete the exam. ( I write very slow in exams so, maybe I had that dream)


  3. So true..dreams are related to what we are thinking.. whenever I am stressed then I get weird dreams of what I was stressed about the whole day and there are so many weird dreams
    I watch ghost movies rarely and when I watch I get a dream of a ghost attacking me from the top of my wall.


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