Blogging is tough

Blogging is tough. It is completely different than social media. It’s not easy to create your identity in the blogging space, unlike social media. There’s a huge competition in blogging. Millions of blogs already exist and creating your identity among these blogs is a tough task.

In the blogging space, people are very selective. They don’t like every blog that you write. They like or follow only if your content is good whereas, on social media, people get likes and followers even by writing random stuff or posting photos and videos.

Bloggers have to face writer’s block also because quality content is important in blogging whereas you can write or post anything on social media without thinking about quality.

Another thing that makes blogging tough is that even quality content doesn’t’ guarantee the popularity of a blog. I have seen so many blogs that have amazing content, but they are not so popular. It is because not only content but also things like what type of theme you are using, what tags, keywords, and categories you are using, whether your blog is optimized for search engines or not, etc. also affect the visibility of your blog.

Many people have the misconception that blogging is easy, but it’s not as easy as it seems because writing is a creative process and it involves a lot of thinking, hard work, and effort.

Blogging is tough.


9 thoughts on “Blogging is tough

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Personally, I think blogging is even harder than social media since you have to create genuine content. On social media you can just post a picture and it ends there.

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  2. That’s so true, you have to consistently write good content, do keyword research, seo and everything, then also there is no guarantee that your blog will be liked.

    Whilst in social media, even if you post a random photo or video there are chances that you can get good amount of likes and following.

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  3. I actually think it’s the other way round, in that it’s much easier to be decent in blogging than trying to get seen on social media.

    But the point about quality posts not getting the audience they deserve does ring true. I’ve read soooo many great posts by amazing bloggers, yet they’re not appreciated because they just don’t have the audience.

    Anyway, thanks for this post!


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