No resolution

I have never been a resolution person, but for the past few years, I started making resolutions. But I have to admit that I failed miserably in keeping those resolutions. So I have decided not to make any resolution from now on. I want to keep things simple from now on. Instead of making particular resolutions, I have decided to follow certain

Doing little things
Instead of making big resolutions, I have decided to focus on the little things in day-to-day life that I keep procrastinating or ignoring. The little things bring big changes.

Doing one thing at a time
In doing many things at a time, I was never able to do even a single thing, so from now on, I will just focus on one thing at a time.

Talk less and do more
The last and most important thing that I want to do is to talk less and do more. I don’t want to disappoint myself by saying a lot of things and doing nothing.

I hope I will be able to follow these things.

Happy New Year to all of you. I hope that this year brings happiness and peace to your life and that all your wishes come true.

Talk less and do more.


5 thoughts on “No resolution

  1. Excellent goals you’ve set out for yourself. I agree the most with the doing one thing at a time resolution. It’s something I’m working on myself.

    Thanks for sharing your resolutions with us 🙂


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