Do you believe in vibes? I believe in vibes. You can feel the vibe of a person. It tells you whether someone likes you or not. Sometimes, people don’t like you, but they portray as if they like you. They say something else, but their vibes convey something else. Words can fool you, but vibes … More Vibes

The little things

Life is all about the little things. Big things may not make you as happy as little things make you happy in life. Little moments like the excitement of buying and reading a new book, sipping tea or coffee and watching the rain, eating your favorite food,  listening to your favorite music, watching your favorite … More The little things

Less is more

I always believe that there’s beauty in the concept of less is more. Simplicity is always beautiful. It has the power to attract others. It has its charm. Have you experienced that when you have less, you enjoy more? It is because when you have less, you value more, but when you have more, you … More Less is more