Thank farmers

Who doesn’t like eating delicious food? Food for which you crave. Food that makes your mouth water. Food that is your comfort food. Food that makes you remember your home. Food is one of the necessities of life to live. You can’t live without it. Have you ever kept a fast? You start feeling hungry … More Thank farmers

Workplace politics

If you think that politics happen only in the field of politics, then you are wrong. Politics happens in the workplace also. When you start working in a workplace, you realize it. Some people discriminate on the basis of religion, race, color, caste, gender, place, language, etc. in the workplace. If you are new in … More Workplace politics

Men are trash?

Men are trash. Men are so and so. Women keep saying this. I have just a few questions for women. Are all men trash? Are all men bad? Do you think the same about your father, brother, husband, and son also? Are they also trash? Can you generalize something for everyone? It’s true that some … More Men are trash?

What I am listening today

Today, I am listening to Mehrama from Love Aaj Kal. It is a beautiful song. Its lyrics are beautiful and touching. I really like the vibe of this song and how it is picturized. Mehrama – Love Aaj Kal | Kartik | Sara | Pritam | Darshan Raval | Antara – YouTube

What I am listening today

Today, I am not listening to a song. Today, I am listening to the beautiful background music of a Telugu movie ‘Hello’. Its background music is heart touching and mesmerizing, especially the violin part. If you believe in destiny or luck, you should watch this movie. It’s a good movie.

I love December

I love December. I don’t know why, but I feel good in December. I feel good vibes flowing in the air in December. Usually, people like the month of their birth. I am no different I like October as it is the month of my birth. But, December has a special place in my heart. … More I love December

Season of winter

The season of winter has its charm. There is no better feeling than just sleeping in a cozy quilt in winter. I don’t want to wake up ever. It suits me more because I am super lazy. I do things at the speed of a tortoise on holidays, especially in winter. Waking up early in … More Season of winter