I love October

I love October. It is because it is my birthday month. I don’t celebrate my birthday but it feels good in October. The festive season also begins in October. So, sometimes Diwali or Dussehra also falls on my birthday. Usually, homes are cleaned and painted before Diwali, so all looks clean and tidy and it … More I love October

My birthday

Birthdays are very special days for everyone. People celebrate their birthday by cutting a cake and partying with family and friends. Some people are very lucky. They are the favorite of everyone. People remember their birthday, wish them and celebrate their birthday. Birthday is like every other day for me. Very few people wish me … More My birthday

My favorite color

Colors make the world colorful and beautiful. Without colors, the world would have been dull. Everyone has a favorite color. Everyone likes a different color. It depends on their liking. Some like dark colors. Some like light colors. My favorite color is Grey. I don’t know why I love Grey so much. Maybe it’s because … More My favorite color

I am anti-social

I am the kind of person who lives in his own world. I am an introvert. I talk very little. I am more of a listener. I prefer listening to rather than talking. I talk only with persons with whom I feel comfortable. My friends fall in this category as I have known them for … More I am anti-social


I wanted to post on 31st August. I wrote a very long post. It was about you and my feelings. When I was writing I didn’t even realize that I had already written 20,000 words. I realized it only when Google Keep surrendered and indicated that I have crossed the word limit of 20,000 words … More Unposted

Real patriotism

Freedom is one of the biggest things in life. It has not come easily. Soldiers, freedom fighters, and many people sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country so that we can live freely. This is why you should never take freedom for granted. To have the freedom to live your life is priceless. … More Real patriotism

What I am listening today

Today, I am listening to ‘Tohfa’ by Vayu. It’s a lovely song with wonderful lyrics. The song is sung, written, and composed by Vayu. Vayu has also sung ‘Baatein Karo‘ which is also a lovely song. In my opinion, his songs are underrated. I don’t why people don’t like such lovely and meaningful songs.

Read also

Many people have a misconception that blogging is easy, but blogging is not at all easy. It takes a lot of time and effort for blogging. Sometimes, even after putting your creativity, hard work, time, and effort into a blog, your blog doesn’t grow as you expected. There can be various reasons for it like … More Read also

Mother tongue

Mother’s tongue is your native language. It’s the first language you learn as a child. No language can replace your mother’s tongue as it is your native language and it is the first language that you learn and grow up with. A mother is the first teacher of a child. She gives birth to a … More Mother tongue

Career and marriage

I always have a belief that decisions play an important role in life. A good decision can make your life while a bad decision can ruin your whole life. In my post ‘Take your own decisions‘,  I said that you should take your own decisions. Don’t let anyone take decisions of your life. Every decision … More Career and marriage

What I am listening today

Today, I am listening to ‘ily (I love you baby)’ by Surf Mesa ft. Emilee. It’s a beautiful song. Its video is lovely. I like the vibe of the song and video especially skating on an empty street, boulevard, greyish seashore, bluish sea and sky, and birds flying over the sea.

Write it

You need someone to share your feelings. If you have no one to share your feelings with, these feelings and emotions start bottling up inside you. You start feeling anxious and suffocated because you want to share your feelings and emotions, but you have no one to share your feelings with. It starts affecting your … More Write it

Dilemma of marriage

Marriage has always been an institution that I hated all my life because of the environment in which I have grown up. Since I have taken birth, I have seen never-ending fights between my parents almost every day. It becomes worse when you have no option to keep yourself aloof from all this. We used … More Dilemma of marriage

She came in dream

Can you believe it? She came in a dream last night. Who she? She who said no. Butterflies in the stomach? Of course, who doesn’t have butterflies in the stomach, when someone whom you love, your favorite person comes in front of you? Dreams are strange things. You can’t plan dreams. You can’t plan that … More She came in dream

How am I feeling?

How am I feeling? It’s feeling like my world has fallen apart. It’s feeling like you weaved a dream and someone just crushed it. It’s feeling like you built a sandcastle protecting it from waves and suddenly a wave came and destroyed it. It’s feeling like you are trapped in a closed dark room and … More How am I feeling?

Copycat culture

Nowadays, when you look around especially in India and you will see many boys and men having the same type of hairstyle, trimmed beard and mustache, having the same dressing sense, and having the competition to have abs and muscular body. Girls and women are not behind. Many of them can be seen with heavy … More Copycat culture


Nowadays, people have become very impatient. They lack patience. They can’t wait for even a few seconds or minutes. They want everything as soon as possible. They want that they become successful overnight. They want that they become rich overnight. You need to understand that things happen at their own pace and time, you need … More Impatience

My taste of music

Music has been my best friend throughout my life. Without music, I wouldn’t have been able to survive life. Whenever I feel sad and low, music comes to rescue me. Music is like food. Like everyone has different taste buds, everyone has a different taste of music. The taste of music differs from person to … More My taste of music

Being single

Being introvert, I live in my shell. I don’t talk too much. I am not a social person at all. I don’t like going to marriages, parties, or any other social gatherings. I don’t like crowds. I have very few friends. I don’t easily make friends or talk with people. I don’t easily mingle with … More Being single

What I am listening today

Today, I am listening to a Punjabi Song ‘Waalian’ by Harnoor. I am listening it on loop. It is a beautiful song with lovely lyrics. If you don’t understand Punjabi, you can see its English translation on this link . It’s video is also very beautiful.

Death of a pigeon

The most painful thing in life is death. You don’t know when, where, and how you will die. It is unpredictable and inevitable, but it is certain. Like every day, I was working in the office. It is a two-floor building. I sit on the first floor. Pigeons keep flying there. Maybe they live there … More Death of a pigeon

2 years of blogging

On 23rd February 2021, it has been 2 years since I started blogging. I never thought that I would come this far. There were so many random thoughts that were occupying my mind. There were too many things that I want to tell someone but no one was there to share my feelings. These things … More 2 years of blogging


Life is unpredictable. You can’t predict anything. Anything can happen anytime. This is the beauty of life. If you can predict what will happen next in your life, you can’t enjoy the moments. The unpredictability of life makes it beautiful. The journey of life is more beautiful than the destination. Enjoy every moment. Live the … More Life