Father and daughter relationship

Father and daughter relationship is special. A father treats her daughter like a doll. He tries his best to fulfill her wishes. He protects her like a shield. A father’s love for her daughter is immense. Even if he scolds her daughter, he scolds her for her good. A father knows, one day his daughter … More Father and daughter relationship

Mother’s love

No love is as pure and unconditional as a mother’s love is. A mother can do anything for her child. For a mother, nothing is as precious as her child is. When everyone leaves you, a mother remains with you regardless of any situation. A mother is the only person who bears your bad behavior … More Mother’s love

Fear of marriage

Marriage is the biggest and the toughest decision in one’s life. You always want to marry someone who loves and understands you, who remains loyal to you, who accept you as who you are and who remains with you in good and bad times in life. Life changes after marriage. It’s not that you can’t … More Fear of marriage


Marriage is the biggest and important decision in one’s life. You have to decide with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. A right or wrong decision can change your life. A right decision can make your life happy while a wrong decision can ruin your life. So, always take your time … More Marriage


Sisters are the best. Sister is like a second mother. She always takes care of her siblings. Whether she is younger or elder than you, she always behaves like an elder sister with more love & responsibility. In women, it comes naturally. There is always a special bond between siblings. If you are brother and … More Sister


Always be loyal. Loyalty is very important in life. If someone is not loyal to you, he or she doesn’t deserve you. If your husband, wife, boyfriend and girlfriend are not loyal to you, it’s better to part ways because nothing is worse than betrayal. Such people don’t deserve you. Breaking the trust of someone … More Loyalty