Herd mentality

Have you seen a herd of sheep? Sheep has a tendency of following its herd. It follows its leader without thinking anything. When someone follows the crowd without thinking about right and wrong and any consequences, it is called ‘herd mentality’. This world is full of such people who just follow the crowd without applying … More Herd mentality

Coronavirus – A blessing in disguise

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has terrified the world. It has already killed thousands of people in different countries. It started in China and spread rapidly in other countries. It is believed that Coronavirus has originated from the bat. Many countries have announced lockdown to stop the transmission of coronavirus. Common symptoms of coronavirus disease are coughing, … More Coronavirus – A blessing in disguise

Angels and kindness

Kindness is keeping our faith alive in humanity. Kindness can’t be measured in size. It can’t be big or small, it doesn’t matter. For me, angels are those people who help and encourage other people. These people are like a ray of hope for other people who are helpless, hopeless and want to give up, … More Angels and kindness

Window seat

Who doesn’t like window seats during travelling? You fight with your parents, siblings or friends to sit in a window seat in a train, bus, airplane, etc. Getting a window seat made us feel like we have won something. It’s feels like an achievement. It makes you happier. There’s something in window seat. There is … More Window seat

Travelling alone

Have you ever travelled alone? There is a bliss in travelling alone. There is a sense of freedom in travelling alone. You feel free. You feel independent. It teaches you to take decisions alone. It improves your decision-making abilities. You get the chance of handling things on your own. When you interact with people belonging … More Travelling alone