Career and marriage

I always have a belief that decisions play an important role in life. A good decision can make your life while a bad decision can ruin your whole life. In my post ‘Take your own decisions‘,  I said that you should take your own decisions. Don’t let anyone take decisions of your life. Every decision … More Career and marriage

Heart or mind?

I am sure you might have come across a situation in which you think, whether you should go with your heart or mind. Decisions are an inevitable part of life. You have to make a decision about everything in life. Most of the time you use your mind when you make a decision, especially decisions … More Heart or mind?

Failure, success, decisions and opportunities

Success and failure are part of life. There are many reasons behind the success and failure of a person. Sometimes you see a person who is talented and hardworking but doesn’t succeed in life while a person who is not talented and hardworking succeed in life. An intelligent person becomes unsuccessful while an average or … More Failure, success, decisions and opportunities


Decisions play the most important role in changing your life. A right decision at the right time can change your whole life while a bad decision may ruin your life. Regardless of your intelligence and hard work course of life is decided by the decisions you take in your life. Even an intelligent and hardworking … More Decision