Fear of growing old

Have you come across the fear of growing old? I am no exception. When you are a child, you know that you have a lot of time to do things. Then, you reach teenage. Even then, you are not worried because you know that you have a lot of time to do things. But, when … More Fear of growing old

Fear of marriage

Marriage is the biggest and the toughest decision in one’s life. You always want to marry someone who loves and understands you, who remains loyal to you, who accept you as who you are and who remains with you in good and bad times in life. Life changes after marriage. It’s not that you can’t … More Fear of marriage

My phobias

Everyone in this world has some fears. Phobia can be defined as persistent and excessive fear of something. I have also some phobias like many people. I am sharing my phobias which creates anxiety in me. Fear of heights I hate heights. I try to avoid going to high places because I have an extreme … More My phobias