Being single

Being introvert, I live in my shell. I don’t talk too much. I am not a social person at all. I don’t like going to marriages, parties, or any other social gatherings. I don’t like crowds. I have very few friends. I don’t easily make friends or talk with people. I don’t easily mingle with … More Being single

I love December

I love December. I don’t know why, but I feel good in December. I feel good vibes flowing in the air in December. Usually, people like the month of their birth. I am no different I like October as it is the month of my birth. But, December has a special place in my heart. … More I love December

Season of winter

The season of winter has its charm. There is no better feeling than just sleeping in a cozy quilt in winter. I don’t want to wake up ever. It suits me more because I am super lazy. I do things at the speed of a tortoise on holidays, especially in winter. Waking up early in … More Season of winter