I love October

I love October. It is because it is my birthday month. I don’t celebrate my birthday but it feels good in October. The festive season also begins in October. So, sometimes Diwali or Dussehra also falls on my birthday. Usually, homes are cleaned and painted before Diwali, so all looks clean and tidy and it … More I love October

My birthday

Birthdays are very special days for everyone. People celebrate their birthday by cutting a cake and partying with family and friends. Some people are very lucky. They are the favorite of everyone. People remember their birthday, wish them and celebrate their birthday. Birthday is like every other day for me. Very few people wish me … More My birthday

Mother tongue

Mother’s tongue is your native language. It’s the first language you learn as a child. No language can replace your mother’s tongue as it is your native language and it is the first language that you learn and grow up with. A mother is the first teacher of a child. She gives birth to a … More Mother tongue

She came in dream

Can you believe it? She came in a dream last night. Who she? She who said no. Butterflies in the stomach? Of course, who doesn’t have butterflies in the stomach, when someone whom you love, your favorite person comes in front of you? Dreams are strange things. You can’t plan dreams. You can’t plan that … More She came in dream