I’m very choosy

I am very choosy in life whether it is people, things, food, clothes, music, etc. With time, experiences, and maturity in life, I have learnt that it’s important to have clarity about what you want and what you don’t want in your life. As an introvert, I am very choosy about people in my life. … More I’m very choosy

Everything is a sign

Everything is a sign. Everything that is happening around you is a sign of something. The universe keeps trying to tell you something and it has different and strange ways for it. The people you meet in your life, the dreams you see, the things you see around you, everything you read, the movies and … More Everything is a sign

The little things

Life is all about the little things. Big things may not make you as happy as little things make you happy in life. Little moments like the excitement of buying and reading a new book, sipping tea or coffee and watching the rain, eating your favorite food,  listening to your favorite music, watching your favorite … More The little things

Less is more

I always believe that there’s beauty in the concept of less is more. Simplicity is always beautiful. It has the power to attract others. It has its charm. Have you experienced that when you have less, you enjoy more? It is because when you have less, you value more, but when you have more, you … More Less is more

Bad at multitasking

Multitasking is a very tough thing and I have to admit I am very bad at multitasking. I have never been good at multitasking and whenever I tried to do multiple things at the same time, I failed miserably. I can manage different things at once in the starting, but after some time, I lose … More Bad at multitasking

No resolution

I have never been a resolution person, but for the past few years, I started making resolutions. But I have to admit that I failed miserably in keeping those resolutions. So I have decided not to make any resolution from now on. I want to keep things simple from now on. Instead of making particular … More No resolution