Marriage is the biggest and important decision in one’s life. You have to decide with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. A right or wrong decision can change your life. A right decision can make your life happy while a wrong decision can ruin your life. So, always take your time … More Marriage

I love Nokia

I am a diehard fan of Nokia. I love everything about Nokia. Many of you might have also used a Nokia phone in your life. Nokia phones are always known for its aesthetic design, build quality, high quality camera, beautiful sound and how we can forget the iconic ringtone of Nokia. My first mobile was … More I love Nokia


Everyone is attached to something. Attachment is not restricted only to people. You may be attached to anything. It may be living thing and non-living thing. You may be attached to people, places, things, animals, etc. You get attached to certain things like your clothes, mobile, car, etc. You generally attached to old things because … More Attachment


Always be loyal. Loyalty is very important in life. If someone is not loyal to you, he or she doesn’t deserve you. If your husband, wife, boyfriend and girlfriend are not loyal to you, it’s better to part ways because nothing is worse than betrayal. Such people don’t deserve you. Breaking the trust of someone … More Loyalty