My behavior

Behavior is the reflection of one’s personality and it tells what kind of person he or she is. As I am an introvert, I don’t talk too much. Another reason for my silence is my anger. As I am short-tempered, I avoid talking to people because I always have a fear of having a fight … More My behavior

Herd mentality

Have you seen a herd of sheep? Sheep has a tendency of following its herd. It follows its leader without thinking anything. When someone follows the crowd without thinking about right and wrong and any consequences, it is called ‘herd mentality’. This world is full of such people who just follow the crowd without applying … More Herd mentality

Tit for tat

Tit for tat is the best reply to some people who use, insult, mock and betray you. This world is full of selfish, jealous and cheaters who keep trying to pull you down and desperately want you to fail. They keep insulting and mocking you. Most of the times it’s better to keep silent in … More Tit for tat

Hostile world

This world is hostile. Most of the people don’t want that you succeed in your life. They want you to fail miserably in your life. They will try everything to make it possible. They will discourage you and fill your mind with negative thoughts. They mislead you from your aim in life. Such people leave … More Hostile world